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Malta enjoys a wide network of double tax agreements. You will find the latest double tax treaties and negotiations in this library of double tax treaties. See also our other Library of Double Tax Treaties.

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  1. The most important thing taxpayers have to know is definitely the Statute of Limitations. This really is the time where the IRS is permitted to recover the tax debt you owe. Nonetheless there are plenty of circumstances specifically where that time clock could be paused or stretched. Determine what circumstances extend IRS recovery in order to avoid awarding the IRS any additional time to collect now.

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  3. Not every charitable contribution is tax deductible. I didn't know that also. It is important to be familiar with what gifts are capable to be deducted at tax time before they claim these contributions on their taxes (although I don't think that should impact your decision to donate).

  4. New 2013 Russia-Malta Double Tax Treaty signed

  5. New 2013 Russia-Malta Double Tax Treaty signed


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