Doing Business in Malta Guide - Updated

Doing Business in Malta
Doing Business in Malta Guide
Malta has created the right economic environment to meet the demands of the global market for Doing Business in Malta.  It has strong and long-standing links with Europe, North Africa and beyond and has a liberal foreign investment policy.  Malta offers numerous advantages to foreign investors wanting to set up shop on the island and those already doing business in Malta.

Reasons for Doing Business in Malta

  • Member of the EU
  • Adoption of the Euro in January 2008
  • Financial Services 12% of GDP
  • Highest percentage share of hi-tech imports and exports within the EU
  • High inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) performance and high inward FDI potential (World Investment Report 2007)
  • AAA rating by Moody’s
  • Established trade links with Europe, North Africa and Middle East
  • Dedicated and well educated workforce
  • High quality educational facilities, easy to set up courses tailor made for specific industries, able to quickly adapt to the needs of industry
  • Close ties to Europe as well as North Africa
  • Smart City Malta, Second Dubai Internet City in the world
  • Hub for knowledge based industries
  • Centre for excellence
  • Multilingual workforce
  • Modern developed telecommunications system, wireless internet connections, VOIP, WiMax, and 3.5G
  • Malta Freeport, servicing 115 ports worldwide
  • International Airport has direct flights to 37 major cities
  • 17 high quality health care services.